What is a CCTV Home Security System?

You always want to protect your interests; just as you would lock your car and protect your money in a bank, you want to protect your home. In most instances, you protect your home with a lock or a guard dog. Though these methods can be effective, sometimes they aren’t always enough to keep an eye on your home when you are away. In the most popular of circumstances, robbers may take an interest in your home and pick locks and get past your dog. In these situations, even with some security measures in place, sometimes it is not enough. One way to ensure the protection of your valuables is by installing a CCTV home security system. But what is it?

What is a home monitoring system?

A home security system is pretty self explanatory: it is a camera that keeps an eye on your home when you cannot. If you work during the day, your home may be at its peak vulnerability. Most thieves use the daytime as the perfect time to commit crime. In fact, 65 percent of burglaries happen between 6am to 6pm — the times you are working away from home. Based on this fact, it would make sense that you would want someone to protect your home while you are away. Though security surveillance cameras do not physically protect your home, they have the ability to visually capture criminals while they are “in the act.” When you install a security system in your home, you are giving yourself non-refutable evidence of who trespassed and what they took. Half the trouble with burglaries is determining what was taken in the first place! With footage, you can know for sure what was stolen and scan the nearest pawn shop for the items. This, of course, will get you one step closer to the perpetrator and justice.

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for “closed-circuit television.” What is special about these monitoring systems is that they are used to transfer their signal to a specific source, such as a phone or a television. CCTV cameras have the capability to transmit their footage from point-to-point (P2P) or to multiple points, such as multiple monitors. At XYZ Security Corp, we offer top-of-the-line CCTV home security systems. Each of our cameras are built with high definition video and extra durability. This durability can be beneficial to you, especially if you plan to have a camera installed outdoors. If you live in a harsh climate, having a surveillance camera that can withstand abuse will be extremely useful.

Types of cameras

There are many different types of CCTV security cameras. Though some may assume that there may just be one security camera to install, there are actually dozens of different cameras to utilize. Of course, the difference between each one is how you would be using the camera and where it would be installed. For example, if you were planning on installing an outdoor security camera, you will want a high-quality recording device that will be able to last through rain, hail, and extreme heat.
There are a total of two different kinds of cameras: Analog and IP-based cameras.

Analog Cameras

Analog are the most classic of cameras, in that they are the original security cameras used for surveillance. They are the most common security cameras that can be installed. In this type of camera, you are able to record video and store it on the monitor itself. That means all of your security footage is located in one site, which is the camera.

IP-based Cameras

IP-based cameras complete most of the same functions as analog cameras. However, IP-based cameras host a different and more advanced set of capabilities, such as better quality of video. IP-based cameras are desirable because they offer better, higher resolution video in each of the cameras. IP-based cameras are also more technologically savvy because they allow the user to email video footage from the device. IP-based cameras are very advanced and are typically used for large businesses. Some places that use security monitoring systems often demand IP-based systems, mainly based on their advanced technology for video and sharing content.

Easy installation

At XYZ Security Corp, we offer CCTV installers to help you power up your device. Instead of struggling and having to research how to install your new system, we offer services to help you.

If you are interested in protecting your business or your residence with a security surveillance camera, you need to contact XYZ Security Corp! We are an experienced business that takes pride in our services and what they provide. Allowing you to protect what matters most to you, is why we do what we do! We can help you determine which camera would be good for your home or business and be able to install it for you hassle-free! Contact us today!