5 Easy Entry Spots for Thieves

Your home contains all the things you hold near and dear to you: your loved ones, your memories, and your valuables. Obviously, the last thing you want to do is to invite a thief to barge in. Unfortunately, most people don’t know spaces that entice thieves into your home. In this blog, we will go over five easy entry spots that act as a huge ‘enter here’ sign to passing thieves.

Front Door
This entry spot is perhaps the most obvious, but still a popular entry point. Depending on the laziness of the thief, they will sometimes check the front door and see if it is unlocked. Thirty percent of all home burglaries happen when the front door is unlocked. Even if you lock the front door, thieves will see the front door as an open invitation., especially if you have glass on your front door. Robbers can easily break the glass and open the lock for themselves.
Though open windows, or windows in general, did not make this official list, windows are definitely another easy entry point for thieves. For a thief, breaking a little bit of glass is a pretty easy trick to get a job done.

Back Door
The back door, much like the front door, is considered an easy entry spot for thieves. In a thief’s mind, the back door is a little bit more sneaky. Either way, front or back door, if either are open, they become an instant target. Backdoor entries are interesting because the burglar needs to have access to your backyard. If you do not have fencing on the sides of your house, you increase the likelihood that your home will be the victim of burglary.

Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Doors are perfect for hot weather places. The glass disperses heat and creates a more open atmosphere. Unfortunately, sliding glass doors are huge red arrows to passing thieves. You might question why; because they are made out of glass? Despite what you think, sliding glass doors are easily enterable not because they are glass, it is because they are easily detachable. If you are able to lift and shift more than 40 pounds, sliding glass doors are very easily detachable from their cable. Because of this, owners of sliding glass doors are instructed to double lock their homes. By not having extra protection for your backdoor, you increase the risk of a burglar taking advantage of your home.


The garage is a spot that most homeowners overlook. But, actually, it is likely to be the most important place to lock. Garage doors, even electric ones, can be easily opened. All one really needs to do is lift the door. But what makes the garage a crucial spot for thieves is that, often times, garages are joined to the house. Because of this, a thief doesn’t have to do any hard work, they can just walk in.
Another reason why it is important to lock your garage is because, most likely, you have vehicles parked inside them. Hot wiring is simpler than you think, and if you have a skilled robber at your door, you might never see your car again.

Doggy Door
This is the number one overlooked spot by homeowners. However, this subject strictly applies if you have a larger dog, or a dog at all. Many people usually get animals for comfort and protection. But if a robber has very bad intentions, they could harm your animals. For example, a dog often will never deny food. A robber who does not care about your guard dog can easily slip poison into a piece of meat to get rid of their problem. A robber can then use the doggy door as an easy entry into your home, without using any real exertion.
For the safety of your things and especially your pet, be sure to close the dog door. By separating the dog from a robber, you can ensure the safety of the animal. Besides that, by giving your animal a domain, they can more easily protect your home. Another option would be to create an outdoor enclosure for your animal to ensure the animal fresh air and a safe distance from malicious intruders.

There are many easy entry points in a home. And some, however unfortunate, cannot be helped. The reality is locks and doors don’t do very much. If an intruder wants into your home, they will always find a way. However, by installing a security surveillance camera, you can regain the upper hand. By being able to record your home in real time, you can witness break ins and take immediate action to stop them. Being able to see crime and react to it as it happens is an incredible asset, that will increase your sense of security.
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