Crime Facts: Why Your Home Should Have a Security Camera

Why Your Home Should Have a Security Camera

Crime is not a new thing; It didn’t sprout up one day and neither is it going to go away. Over the years, we have noticed that people, falsely, believe they are safe when they lock their homes. Unfortunately, locks aren’t enough anymore, as criminals have taken thievery to new heights.

You have worked hard for your belongings, let us help you keep them. With our surveillance systems you will be able to keep full tabs on your home at all times.

Why Your Home Should Have a Security Camera - 2It is becoming more of a necessity to have events on camera. With the ability to record things in real time, if you are a victim of robbery, you’ll never question who trespassed, what they did, and what they took. You can never be too careful with your valuables, and being able to record events gives you an ability to catch the perpetrator.

Security surveillance cameras do a lot more than keep a watchful eye on your home, they provide hope that if a theft were to occur, the advantage is with the victim, not the thief. There is a staggering rate of people who have been already victimized by thieves—almost 55 million people! Don’t be one of them!

A security camera can’t stop someone from trying to get in your home, but having one puts you at a much lower risk for theft. Here are three things you need to know if you want to purchase a security camera for your home:

Placement is so important when installing a security camera. First, you want to hide it somewhere that can’t be seen too easily. If it is out in the open for everyone to see, a thief can disable or destroy it. You also want to put it in a place that you think someone will try to enter. Only 30% of robbers enter a home through the front door. Though the front door is a very good option, it might also be a good idea to place a camera by your back door. Especially if you have any sliding glass doors in your home. Though sliding glass doors look nice with a home, they are very easy to take off their tracks and remove. Basically, sliding glass doors are a robber’s easy way into your home.

2. Quality
When installing a security surveillance camera you want to get the best quality. It makes no sense to get a security camera that won’t be able to withstand weather, the dark, or natural wear and tear. Investing in a high-quality security camera benefits you in the long run because you will have a better chance catching thieves with a higher resolution camera. When a camera is lower in quality its ability to capture clear images and movement are stunted. By purchasing a higher quality camera, you will have a great chance in identifying people on your camera feed.


3. Added Features
Added features and quality go hand-in-hand. The more features you add to your security surveillance camera, the more advantage you have over the criminals preying on your home. By adding features such as HD, a long-lasting battery hard drive, and infrared LED vision. With these added features, you will be able to have clearer, longer-lasting footage. This can be advantageous when you are away from your home for long periods of time, such as vacation. In this way, you can enjoy your recreational time off without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

If for some reason, you believe you don’t need a security camera, you’re wrong. According to A Secure Life, a home is burglarized every fifteen seconds. Even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently published that theft is down in America, you are still at risk. This year in 2017, America saw a decrease in home burglary by 1.3%, but automotive theft went up 7.4 percent. Though theft of homes may have gone down, your other belongings are still at increased risk. That is why it is beneficial to you, that when you purchase a security surveillance camera, you buy more than one.

If you are at all interested in protecting your home and belongings, visit Security XYZ online today. We can help you keep your valuables, yours.