Five Ways Your Home Is Vulnerable to Theft

Five Ways Your Home Is Vulnerable to Theft

Locks keep good people out, security camera systems get bad people caught. Locking your house is sometimes not enough to keep your valuables from theft. Unfortunately, thievery is not new, nor is it going away. However, when you arm your home with the necessary security equipment you can ensure that your valuables are under surveillance and protected. These are the five ways that your home might be vulnerable to theft:

1. Items in Plain Sight

The number one reason why thieves steal is because they are tempted by something they see. Whether they are in need or a kleptomaniac, having your valuables on display could be too enticing. By keeping your window shades drawn and valuables hidden, you lower the risk of theft.
When hiding certain items like jewels, passports, or important legal documents, it is good to put them in a place you know you will remember. Leave yourself a note to remind yourself where you placed them. More importantly, when hiding valuables, hide them in a practical place. An example of a practical place would be somewhere no one would expect valuables, like in your bathroom or in the pantry.


2. Lost Keys

Oh yes, your accidental forgetfulness will always have consequence. If you lose your keys, you are susceptible to theft. When you lose any keys: house keys, car keys, garage keys- you make yourself even more vulnerable to theft. You might question whether they would know where you live, based on the key you have lost. Well, if the thief saw you drop the key in the first place, it is nothing to simply follow you and find out where you live.

3. Low Visibility

Thieves love the dark, and the more things to creep behind- the better! In order to keep your home safe try to keep your front and back yards in full view of light and not surrounded by dense objects, like bushes or clutter. When lights are on in a home, thieves are less likely to break in.

4. Vacation

Do not advertise that you are going on vacation. When you state that you are going on a gorgeous vacation, someone with bad intentions could see it as an opportunity to gain some free stuff. Nothing is worse than coming home from a vacation to find your home stolen bare. So, no matter how much you are itching to tell everyone on your social feed your great Christmas plans- don’t! Save yourself from home theft and keep it to yourself and your close relatives.

5. Easy Entry

Thieves will either strike when they know you are on vacation or at work. The method behind this madness is they believe they won’t be seen if no one is in the house. With security surveillance at your house, you would be able to take this advantage from them.
Also, make sure that your house is not what thieves would consider an “easy-entry.” Reinforce your home with deadbolts and security bars. Make sure to deadbolt your sliding-glass doors and block your air conditioning units.

Criminals are getting more crafty with their methods of theft. It is your job to stay ahead of their learning curve and protect your valuables and yourself. If you are interested in a security surveillance camera or any other security measure contact XYZ Security Corp.