How Home Security Has Changed Over the Years & What to Expect Next


About 17% of homes in the United States have some kind of security system installed. That number is expected to reach 30% in the next three years. It’s a rapidly growing industry and more and more families are coming to view a security system as a necessity in any home they live in. But how did security systems get started? How did they develop into today’s sophisticated, monitor-anywhere systems? And what can we expect in home security in the future? Our home security camera installation team in Los Angeles has answers!

The History of Home Security

Home security has really existed for as long as the concept of “home” has been around. That’s because we’ve always wanted to protect what’s ours, even if it was a cave. We quickly graduated from rocks and sticks to domesticated dogs, though. Dogs were domesticated and used to protect homes and animals an incredible 15,000 years ago. Even today, dogs are the most common form of home security out there, still being used around the world to protect our families and homes. Even small dogs can be beneficial, alerting us with their bark to unfamiliar noises and intruders. But as great as dogs are, they require a lot of time and effort, too.

Fun fact: Dogs aren’t the only animals that have been used for home security! Geese were used in ancient Rome as a sort of home security system. Geese have great eyesight and can determine “regular” visitors from “unknown” visitors in their territory. And unlike a dog, it’s hard to bribe a goose with a juicy steak. Geese have been responsible for broken bones and other injuries when they’ve become aggressive with humans who are invading their home turf.

The Industrial Revolution: Need for Security Increases

Along with the technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution came the need for more security in our homes. More people were moving into the cities, which in turn saw an increase in theft and other crimes. Many homeowners turned from canine security to a more human touch, employing guards to check their doors at night to ensure they were locked up tight. It was around this time that electromagnetic locks were invented, too, giving additional security to doors and windows. If the bond of the magnet was broken, a sound would alert the homeowners. Most of these systems were reserved for the very wealthy.

Fun fact: The tumbler lock was invented by Linus Yale, Jr. in 1861. It’s the same design that’s used in most locks today, using a key with a serrated edge to position tumblers within the housing of the lock to a certain¬†level in order to turn and release the lock. In fact, if you look at many of the locks that you use around your house, you might see the Yale name on them!

The Modern Era

After the first World War, people (understandably) wanted to make their homes more secure. Video surveillance systems are actually invented in this time period, but they wouldn’t come into common use for decades, clear up until the 1970’s. At this point, the cost of home surveillance systems began to decline and they became more accessible to most households. The growing middle class in the 1980’s meant that more families could afford to invest in home security, to the systems started to get more sophisticated and developed with multiple video cameras and remote monitoring that allowed for off-site security teams to check in with a family to see if they needed assistance.

Fun fact: Marie Van Brittan Brown from Queens, New York invented the first video surveillance system in 1966. Her system involved four peepholes and a single camera that relayed images to a monitor, as well as a system that allowed the user to remotely unlock the door. She’d invented the system for residential use, but the efficiency and effectiveness of the system meant that many businesses decided to use it for their security, too.

Today’s Security Systems

Today’s home security systems are more sophisticated than ever. Most systems are connected to the internet, allowing families to monitor the cameras using virtually any internet-enabled device. You can check your front door camera on your phone or even monitor other rooms on your television. Cameras are getting smaller and smaller, too, so they aren’t the bulky, obtrusive items they were just a few years ago. Today, you can find cameras to monitor your home that are only a few inches big and provide crystal clear pictures and video.


Home Security in the Future

Did you know that the number of home burglaries has actually been decreasing since 1994? Most people credit home security systems with the decline. Most thieves are going to be stopped in their tracks by signs that you have a home security system installed on your property, especially if it involves lights and sounds. That’s why home security systems are going to become more and more common in the future. Homes without systems could become targets for thieves, which will make homeowners even more eager to have a system installed. You’ll likely see the technology involved in home security becoming more and more impressive while consuming less space. Cameras could one day be the size of an eraser and provide high-definition images automatically sent to your smartphone. It could be those home security systems become standard issue in homes, with builders incorporating them right into the household’s smart home setup. Additionally, you’ll likely see a lot of pro-active security systems that can detect unusual activity and report it before an incident actually takes place. Algorithms will sort through the data that’s collected by the security system and look for anomalies.

Looking for Home Security Camera Installation for Your Household?

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