The Best Locations For Home Security Cameras

camera-locations-featuredIf you’re thinking about what you can do as a homeowner to ensure the security of your home, contacting XYZ Security about a home security camera installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas is a good place to start. When you decide that you’d like to have a security camera system installed for your home, there are a few things you may want to know about your security camera placement and how the proper placement of a security camera can boost the level of security for your home.

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The Best Locations for Home Security Camera Installations

Front Door

You may think that burglars avoid entering homes through the front door, however, more than 30 percent of burglars get into your home through the front door. If you leave your front door unlocked, you are especially vulnerable to burglars. Having a home security camera installed near your front door will not only give you footage of anyone who approaches your front door throughout the day, but if a burglar sees the camera near your front door, it could deter them from even trying to approach your home.

Back Door

The back door is another easy target for burglars, and a reported 22 percent of burglars enter homes this way. When you have a home security camera installed near a door entrance, you’ll want to be sure that the security camera is out of reach so that no one will be able to reach for the camera to dismantle it.

Secluded Windows

If windows on your home are not street-facing or if they are not located in an area where your neighbors can see them, this is another good location for home security cameras to be installed. Burglars often look for windows where no one will see them entering, so if they see a security camera near the window, it could prevent them from trying to enter your home.


Sometimes, burglars may not even try to enter your home, but they may just be interested in your backyard. If your backyard has things, like outdoor furniture, a grill, a portable firepit, or if you keep other valuable items in a shed, you will want to secure your backyard. Installing a home security camera near any gates leading to your backyard could give you valuable footage, should anyone enter your backyard unwelcomed.

Basement Door

If you have a walk-out basement and a door that leads inside, this is a prime location for burglars to enter your home. Installing a home security camera that is in plain-sight when you approach the basement door could do the trick to scare off any unwanted guests.

The professionals at XYZ Security can guarantee that your home security camera installation will go smoothly and that, ultimately, you’ll have a surveillance camera system for your home that will increase your family’s safety. To learn more about home security camera installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, contact XYZ Security today. We promise that our prices will always be 10 percent lower than our competitors, and you will receive high-quality equipment and service.